Douglas Rickman
Co-Owner and Technician
Texoma Telecom
P.O.BOX 482
I strive for "satisfied customers" and a "job well done".

I have over 22 yrs. experience installing and maintaining telecom equipment,both PBX and Key Systems.

Mfg./systems consist of Meridian,Nortel,Toshiba,Partner,AT&T,Fujitsu,Panasonic,Mitel,Focus and more.

Voice Mail and Paging can also be installed and maintained.

I can also do all your Data and Netwoking installation and maintenance needs.Patch panels,Cat.5,connectors,etc. are no problem.

I also sell all the equipment needed for your system, such as cards,phones,bells,horns,and speakers.

Anything to make your business more efficient,and at a REASONABLE,COST EFFECTIVE PRICE!!

Give me a chance,and you'll see that I can take care of you and your business communications.